3 Players from SRH’s IPL 2021 squad who they can buy in the mega-auction

Sunrisers Hyderabad had their worst ever IPL season last year. They finished at the very bottom of the points table with just 3 wins out of 14 matches. Definitely a season that they would like to forget. The SRH squad needed a rejuvenation and the mega auction thus came as a boon for them in this way as now they can restructure the team completely. 

Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH): Kane Williamson (14 crore), Abdul Samad (4 crore), Umran Malik (4 crore)

Balance purse: Rs 68 crore

Sunrisers Hyderabad have been smart in their retention. Although they lost the services of David Warner and Rashid Khan, they made sure that they have a huge remaining purse so that they can buy the best players in the mega auction. It is thus a win win situation for Sunrisers Hyderabad. 

Although SRH barely had a single good performer last year, there might be some players who they will look to get back in the mega auction. Let’s find out who they are. 

  1. Manish Pandey – Manish Pandey was being criticized for having a low run rate at the start of IPL 2021 but he ended up being their highest run scorer. As he is not much in demand right now, SRH might get him back for quite a low price which will be a bargain steal. 
Manish Pandey
  1. Bhuvneshwar Kumar – It was quite a bummer for everyone when SRH announced their retention list without Bhuvneshwar Kumar in it. Bhuvi has consistently been one of the best bowlers of SRH and a single bad season does not change that fact that he is one of IPL greats. However, the problem might have been a monetary one and SRH might go for him in the auction if they get him for a low price. 
Bhuvneshwar Kumar
  1. Jonny Bairstow – SRH missed Jonny Bairstow a lot last season as he was out owing to an injury. However with him being back in the Ashes squad it is certified that Bairstow will be there in the IPL mega auction roster and he will thus be SRH’s prime target. 
Jonny Bairstow