4 Cricketers of Indian Origin who chose to play for another Country

In this article, we will be taking a look at some Cricketers of Indian Origin who played for some other country at professional level. 

  1. Ish Sodhi – Ish Sodhi was born on 31st October 1992 in Punjab’s Ludhiana. He was just 4 years old when his family shifted from India to New Zealand. It was in New Zealand that he learnt cricket and that is why he chose to pursue his cricketing career in New Zealand. As of today, Ish Sodhi is one of the most versatile and lethal spinners in the Kiwis arsenal. He has a brilliant record against India. 
Ish Sodhi
  1. Hashim Amla – Hashim Amla was born in Durban, South Africa on 31st March, 1983 but his forefathers, precisely his father and his grandfather were all born in India. His Grandfather moved to South Africa in search of a job back in 1927 when Amla’s father was very small. Hashim Amla is a legend of the sport and one of the best batsmen ever to have played for South Africa. 
Hashim Amla
  1. Ajaz Patel – Ajaz Patel was born in Mumbai on 21st October, 1988. His family moved from India to New Zealand when he was just 8 years old. Ajaz Patel shot to fame just recently in the test series between India and New Zealand when he picked up all 10 wickets of India in an innings, matching the record which was earlier held only by Anil Kumble and Jim Laker. 
Ajaz Patel
  1. Nasser Hussain – Nasser Hussain OBE was born in India’s Chennai on 28th March, 1968. Just a few years after his birth, his family relocated to England. Nasser Hussain went on to play for England and also became their captain. He was one of the best English captains ever. 
Nasser Hussain