5 Famous Batsmen who hit Zero Sixes

In this article we talk about Batsmen who never hit a single six in their entire ODI career.

1.Callum Ferguson -The Australian batsman is the only current day cricketers on this list. He might be aloof from the Australian senior cricket setup but he is still just 31 years old and has plenty of time to turn this negative stat around. 

In the 30 ODI matches that he played, Ferguson scored 663 runs and his strike rate was pretty good as well. In fact he had a strike rate around 85 and an average of around 40. Despite all these good numbers in his favour, Callum Ferguson has never hit a six in his entire ODI career which is a surprising fact. 

2. Sir Geoffrey Boycott – Sir Geoffrey Boycott is one of the absolute legends of the game and arguably the best English batsman ever. Although he was famous for his contributions in Test cricket, he played a number of ODI matches as well. 

He played 36 ODIs in his career and scored a good 1000 runs. His strike rate though, was very poor and it was below 50. He too did not hit a single six in his entire ODI career and that can be attributed to his usual trait of being a Test batsman. 

3. Thilan Samaraweera – Thilan is one of the unsung heroes of Sri Lanka cricket. He was a supporting batsman for Kumar Sangakkara in Test Cricket during Sri Lanka’s golden period. He has over 5000 runs in Test cricket but when it comes to ODI, his numbers fall down a little bit. 

He in fact has 862 runs in 53 matches in Test Cricket. Samaraweera has not hit a single six in his entire ODI career. 

4. Dion Ebrahim – Zimbabwe’s Deon Ibrahim has played over 82 ODIs and scored 1442 runs in the format but he has not hit a single six in his ODI career. 

Interestingly enough, Dion has no sixes in Test Cricket Also.

5. Manoj Prabhakar – Manoj Prabhakar is the only Indian Player on the list. He was an all-rounder and played ODI and text cricket between the years 1984 and 1996. He has over 1600 runs in test cricket but no sixes.