5 Players who are hated by Indian Fans

Below given is the list of 5 players who were absolutely hated by the Indian fans.

  1. Andrew Symonds: Andrew Symonds was undoubtedly one of the best batsmen in the Australian Playing XI back in his days and he was pretty effective with the ball as well. Symonds particularly loved to play against India which can be very well understood by his sensational stats against the Blues. Andrew Symonds scored loads of runs against India back in his days and had also picked up many wickets. However, that was not the reason why Indians hate the all-rounder. Instead, he was infamous amongst the Indian players and the Indian fans because of his on-field sledging. The Monkeygate scandal that occurred between him and India’s Harbhajan Singh during the 2007 test series worsened the situation even further. Because of these few reasons, Andrew Symonds is hated by the ordinary Indian public. 
  1. Ricky Ponting: Ricky Ponting is the second Australian on our list. Australians were quite infamous due to their sledging back in those days and Ricky Ponting being the former Australian captain, had to obviously contribute the most to it. Many times during the test series between India and Australia, Ricky Ponting could be seen expressing his aggression towards the Indian players and even the umpires when their decision did not go in Australia’s favour. That was a way to exert pressure upon them and it often worked. However, that hatred towards Ricky Ponting decreased a lot after he started playing in the Indian Premier League for Mumbai Indians. He is currently the mentor of IPL franchise Delhi Capitals. 
  1. Andrew Flintoff: Back in 2002, A legendary spell by Andrew Flintoff had won England a match against India from a very tight situation and that was when the unpleasant relationship between Flintoff and Team India took off. Flintoff was always very aggressive which was not at all liked by the Indian contingent. However, after India’s Yuvraj Singh hit Stuart Broad 6 sixes in an over after his heated argument against Andrew Flintoff, his arrogance decreased a lot. Yuvi gave Flintoff a taste of his own medicine. 
Andrew Flintoff
  1. Javed Miandad: Surprisingly the only Pakistani on the list, Javed Miadad was a brilliant player. He has a number of unforgettable knocks in the Pakistan colours but he was very rude on field. Particularly in the Indian-Pakistan matches, Javed Miadad’s behaviour was not good at all. Moreover, a particular demeaning comment that he made about Sachin Tendulkar many years back, had infuriated the Indian fans. He is thus hated by the Team India fans.  
  1. Mushfiqur Rahim: Mushfiqur Rahim will go down as one of the most classy Batsmen to have ever donned the jersey of Bangladesh. But when it comes to fairplay, the wicketkeeper is not so great. Back in the 2007 World Cup, it was a wonderful innings by Mushfiqur Rahim that had eliminated India. India got their revenge in the 2016 World Cup however. Bangladesh required 2 runs off the last 3 deliveries and the heroics of MS Dhoni won the match for India, thus eliminating Bangladesh from the tournament. However, when India lost in the semi-finals against West Indies, Mushfiqur Rahim had posted an image on social media celebrating India’s loss. This is why the Indian fans hate him.