5 Players who never bowled a single No Ball in their career

In this article, we talk about 5 bowlers who have never bowled a no-ball in their cricket career. Let us see which players hold this unique record.

1. Kapil Dev – Kapil Dev was the former Indian captain. He gave India their first Cricket World Cup back in 1983. He was an all-rounder and his skills with both the bat and the ball were exceptional. In Test cricket, Kapil Dev played 131 matches taking 434 wickets while in ODIs, he played 225 matches taking 253 wickets. He never bowled a no-ball in his entire life.

2. Imran Khan – Second on this list is Imran Khan. The Pakistani cricketer was an all-rounder as well who gave Pakistan their only ODI World Cup. Imran khan turned to politics recently and he is currently the Prime Minister of India’s neighbouring country Pakistan.

3. Ian Botham – Former English Cricketer turned commentator Ian Botham has never bowled a No-Ball in his career as well. Ian Botham was an all-rounder as well. He featured in 102 matches for England in Test cricket, raking 383 wickets. In ODIs, Botham played 116 matches and took 145 Wickets.

4. Lance Gibbs – Lance Gibbs played for West Indies during their golden era which was in the early 80s and 90s. West Indies was usually known for its lethal pace bowlers but Lance Gibbs, a spinner, made his presence felt in the team. He played it in just 79 Test matches and picked up as many as 309 wickets.

5. Dennis Lillee is till date recognised as one of the best bowlers in Australian and World Cricket History. His incredible line, length and speedy deliveries were what distinguished him from the others. He too has not bowled a single No-Ball in his entire career. He picked up 355 Test Wickets in just 70 matches.