5 Runs needed in 1 Ball – What happened next will shock you!

Probably the most hilarious last ball incident in cricket has gone viral on Facebook today. An old video from a 2020 charity match that was posted by 7Cricket has resurfaced on the internet now and fans can not get over it. Some are even of the opinion that this is the craziest and the most fun last ball incident they have ever witnessed in their life.

The match in concern is from the Bushfire Cricket Bash which was organised in 2019/20 as a charity match to raise funds for the people in need. Cricket legends from all over the world including India’s Yuvraj Singh and Sachin Tendulkar took part in the match and it also included almost all the legendary cricketers of Australia. The interesting thing about the match was that both the teams wore the two different Jerseys of the Australian national team itself.

The rule of the match was that the more the runs scored, the more would they have to donate to the fund and it was a very funny concept. It was a 10 overs match and both sides tried to score as many runs as possible.

Team A scored 104 runs in the first innings in their allocated 10 overs and it was such a thrilling match that Team B needed 5 runs to win in the last delivery to win the match.

But that was where the comedy of errors started. The Batsman played a shot towards long on and started running. The fielder made a very loose throw and by the time it reached the bowler, the batsmen had already run for 3 runs. Moreover, a poor throw gave them a chance to run some more and they ran for 4 runs to tie the match!

It was an insane end to the charity match and even the batsmen were laughing. But actually the bowling side actually let them run because after all it was a charity match and the end goal was make sure that they score as much as possible.