Accident in famous Stadium ! Elephant attack kills two groundsmen

In the most unfortunate news of the day, Sri Lanka cricket has informed that two ground workers at Sooriyawewa Stadium in Hambantota died in an unfortunate accident after being attacked by Elephants. The attack is rumoured to have taken place 5 days ago on 14th December.

The full details of the incident are yet to be revealed and it is being investigated. However, this much is sure that it was the act of a single Elephant. The two workers were returning home after completing their daily regime at the Stadium at around 9pm when the incident occurred. The two bodies have been found several miles apart from the stadium.

Coincidentally, the incident occurred just a week ahead of the Knockout stages of the Lanka Premier League which are going to be played at the Hambantota stadium. The matches were earlier scheduled to be played at Colombo but had to be shifted due to some unforeseen events.

The Hambantota stadium is situated in a rural area of Sri Lanka where Elephant attacks like this are pretty common. However they rarely hurt any human being so fatally it was an unlucky day for the two workers. Last year, 10 elephants and over 4 humans were killed in this area.

The Sri Lanka government is doing whatever is needed to improve the condition of the area and lessen these sudden natural attacks.