Anil Kumble takes a dig at KL Rahul in latest interview

When former Punjab Kings captain KL Rahul announced at the end of last season that he has decided to leave the Punjab franchise, it was shocking for many reasons. The reason was not monetary because Punjab Kings had not even made an offer to him for retention when he announced his decision. The Indian vice captain rather made this decision as he wanted to play for a franchise with a winning mentality and according to him, it was not possible with Punjab. However, some also say that he left the club simply because he wanted to explore something new in his career.

He was then drafted by Lucknow Super Giants ahead of IPL 2022 Mega Auction and was made their captain. Punjab Kings on the other hand, retained only two players and due to the massive purse value that they had with them, they were able to build one of the strongest squads this season.

They have bought opener Shikhar Dhawan as KL Rahul’s replacement and head coach Anil Kumble recently took a dig at KL Rahul while talking about their opening pair.

He said that they don’t ‘force anyone into playing’ and thus indirectly took a dig at him.

“No, I don’t think we ever wanted any player to restrain himself. In this format, I don’t think you can take a conservative approach. The natural ability of a Mayank or a Shikhar (Dhawan) is to attack. Even with the rest of the players, I don’t think there will be any approach to curb their natural instincts. That has never been my approach at all” Says the head coach.

“It’s a fresh start for all the 10 franchises. I think the brand of cricket we wanted to play; we have put together that sort of strategy. We are very happy to be able to get those kinds of players who naturally fit into that strategy rather than force somebody into playing that kind of a role.” He added