Azhar Ali gives a savage reply to a Pakistan journalist questioned him and Imam-ul-Haq for playing slow

Pakistan journalist questions Azhar Ali and Imam-ul-Haq for playing slow – Azhar gives a savage reply 

Australia and Pakistan are currently playing the first test of their 3-match Test series at the Pindi Cricket Stadium and it is turning out to be a very interesting match of Test cricket. Pakistan were able to put up a huge first innings score of 476/4 (declared) in their first innings and much of the credit goes to the two Pak batters – Imam-Ul-Haq and Azhar Ali. 

Azhar Ali and Imam-ul-Haq put on a partnership of as much as 208 runs for Pakistan’s second wicket. Imam-Ul-Haq scored 157 runs off 368 deliveries while Azhar Ali scored an astonishing 185 off 361 runs, missing his double century by just 15 runs. Although the two contributed to almost the entirety of Pakistan’s total, a lot of Pakistan fans were unhappy by how slow the two batted. 

The game has already passed Day 3 and it is also sure that it is going to end in a draw now. A lot of people are criticizing Azhar and Imam for this. However, when a journalist questioned the two batters about this, Azhar Ali was not ready to have it at all and he gave a savage reply to the journalist. 

“You and Imam both scored centuries but what will you say about how your slow knock affected the Pakistan team. 476 runs in 2 Days! Don’t you think that you did not play like you should have played?”

The journalist sounded very rude and Azhar Ali was having none of it. With a firm tone, he replied “I think you have commented enough on the topic so that is enough. I think your comment itself has the answer.” 

Another famous Pakistani cricket journalist named Farid Khan shared the video on twitter and said, “Well done, Azhar Ali. These guys don’t deserve to be answered. There’s a way to ask a question, you can’t insult a player and his colleague like that. PCB should revoke accreditations, it’s about time. These journos won’t learn”

Fans are loving the way Azhar dealt with the journalist.