Babar Azam fan tries to troll Virat Kohli – Gets a savage response from an Indian fan

The debate about who is the better player: Virat Kohli or Babar Azam between India and Pakistan fans is a never ending one and it is highly unlikely that the fans of both the sides will ever stop talking about it. However, every sane cricket fans has to admit that Virat Kohli at his peak was one of the best batsman of all times and although Babar Azam is much younger and has great potential, he is yet to reach the level of Virat Kohli. He might overtake him in the future but as of now, stats say an entirely different story. But as mentioned earlier, Babar still has time to overtake the King.

But who will explain this to the fans? It is needless to say that there will be one overexcited fan who will definitely prove that one of these batsmen is better than the other with some sort of a video or a statistic. That’s exactly what happened today.

A Pakistan fan posted the video of Babar Azam’s fabulous six in the one-off T20I match that was played recently at the Gaddafi Stadium between Pakistan and Australia. It indeed was a terrific six on the offside and showed how much of a class batsman Babar Azam truly is.

However, the fan made a mistake by comparing him with Virat Kohli. He tried to troll the former Indian captain by writing: “Virat Kohli never showed these levels”.

In the very next moment, an Indian fan posted a video from an old IPL match where Kohli played the exact same shot and that too against Trent Boult! After that, the Pakistani fan was trolled heavily.