BCCI announces shocking changes in IPL 2022’s retention rules !

The inclusion of two new teams in the Indian Premier League has added a whole new dimension to the ever exciting tournament. With the auction about to commence not long after the T20 World Cup ends, the franchises will have to rethink their game plan for the mega-auction. New strategies, new targets and new opportunities. It is a mega auction and thus it is a known fact that teams will be able to retain only a few players which will change the entire scenario of their team. And now, BCCI has finally revealed the retention rules of IPL 2022. Many of them might shock you !

Let us first take a look at all the rules that have been enlisted so far by the BCCI:

1. A maximum of four players can be retained by each of the existing eight franchises. This can be either three Indians and one overseas, or two of each.

2. The two new franchises will then be able to pick three players (two Indian, one overseas] ahead of the 2022 auction.

3. There will be no right-to-match [RTM] cards at the auction.

4. The purse for the 2022 auction is likely to be INR 90 crore (USD 12 million), up from INR 85 crore in 2021.

This is, to be very honest, a big and massive step taken by the Indian Premier League authorities. It will change the entire look of the teams. Some teams like Chennai Super Kings, who already have a strong enough team, will have to let go of half their roster and will force the franchises to take up some bold decisions.