Ben Stokes makes big prediction about T20 World Cup finals

Star England allrounder has returned to twitter after taking a short break from all the social media platforms and cricket as well to focus on his mental health and well-being. Fortunate he is now doing well and he has made a comeback to both social media and cricket as he will be taking part in the upcoming Ashes, the historic series between Australia and England. After returning to twitter, he has starter to share his views on the ongoing T20 World Cup and just last night, he made a big prediction about the tournament as well.

Ben Stokes, through his twitter account, made a public prediction that there is going to be an England vs Pakistan final this time out. Well that is something the Indian fans won’t be much happy about as many other Indian analysts and fans are of the opinion that an India vs Pakistan final is the way to go this time just like in the 2007 T20 World Cup wherein India and Pakistan first met in the group stages and later went on to face-off in the Finals as well. That time it was the Indians who were victorious in both the matches.

Ben Stokes tweeted this last night: “England vs Pakistan final?’

Well it is only expected that Ben Stokes would root for England in the T20 World Cup as he is himself an English player but more than that, The England team is in a brilliant form currently. They are wroughting havoc in the tournament.

Who faces whom in the final is a completely different scenario. But before that what will be even more exciting, is the Semi-finals battle