Boria Majumdar claims Wriddhiman Saha used ‘Fake Screenshots’ to frame him – Files Defamation case

The Wriddhiman Saha Saga entered its most exciting part last night when the Indian wicket-keeper revealed the name of the Journalist who had threatened him to the BCCI in their hearing. Moments after this, journalist Boria Majumdar took to Twitter to share a 9-minute video in which he revealed that the journalist who had texted Wriddhiman Saha was he and that he was being framed by the Indian cricketer.

About two weeks ago, a tweet from Wriddhiman Saha had totally shaken the Cricket world. Right after being removed from India’s test squad for the Sri Lanka series, Saha posted a screenshot of his chat with an unnamed ‘renowned journalist’. The journalist had texted him to have an interview with him and when Wriddhiman Saha failed to answer, he threatened him saying that ‘he made a big mistake’ and that he would have to pay for it.

Wriddhiman was furious and he posted the screenshot on Twitter and every fan-supported him. He decided not to name the journalist as it would affect his family. However, BCCI asked him to reveal the whole incident to them so that they could take an action. Wriddhiman Saha abided but he had still not revealed the name of the journalist in public. However, Boria Majumdar himself admitted to having texted those messages to Wriddhiman Saha.

Boria Majumdar tweeted, “There are always two sides to a story. @Wriddhipops has doctored, tampered screenshots of my WhatsApp chats which have damaged my reputation and credibility. I have requested the @BCCI for a fair hearing. My lawyers are serving @Wriddhipops a defamation notice. Let truth prevail.”

In the video, he went on to explain how Wriddhiman had used fake screenshots to get public sympathy and he said that he will file a defamation case against the cricketer. He also said that he will provide BCCI with every detail necessary to verify the case correctly.

It will not be interesting to see in which direction this goes from here on.