Dog enters the field and steals ball during club cricket match in Ireland.

The club cricket match in Ireland become more interesting when dog entered the pitch and holded the ball in his jaw.

Fans entering in to the pitch is a common in sports nowadays but dog entering in to pitch to interrupt a sport is very rare.

Incident was seen during the semi-final of the All-Ireland T20 Ladies’ Cup club match among Bready and CSN, when a “lttle hairy pitch intruster was seen going around the field, forced his owner to chase around it.

The dog hold the ball during the incident and kept it in the middle of his jaws before it at long last halted for sometime and later it ran straight to the non striker end and gave the ball finally.

That moment left everybody present at the scene in parts, including the spectators and commentators who appreciated the efforts of dog.

The video was later shared by Cricket Ireland on their office Twitter handle.

The video, since being posted, has got more than 1.7 million likes and still counting .The video now shared by many and has got lots of comments now.