England Might Boycott the Upcoming Ashes Series

ECB have requested for the players who are interested to tour by the end of September.

Top English players could skip the most important series against Australia beginning at the end of this year as they would prefer not to be restricted to their hotel near four months because of severe isolation rules in the country.

As indicated by ESPN Cricinfo, the Wales Cricket board are yet to determined and have not thought about postpone for which has lot of talks about the senior players and support staff.

The possibility of English fielding an essentially under-strength players in the Ashes series would seem to have developed after talks between the team and authorities at the ECB.

The players have been left disillusioned in light of ECB’s refusal to try and face a halfway or even total postponed of the tour

Thus, they are thinking about their alternatives. One of those choices is understood to be the whole teams including coaches and support staff – taking an aggregate choice to postpone the tour.

While the players show up, as a rule, genuinely enthusiastic with regards to the possibility of a fourteen day isolatiom for themselves, they are hesitant to put their families through it. Also, for certain players away for the most amazing aspect of four months the IPL being will be followed by the T20 World Cup and the Ashes series.

The sort of isolation rules has additionally enraged the English players.

The idea of the quarentine is additionally perceived to have frustrated the players. In spite of the fact that there has been discussion of permitting them the utilization of a resort rooms and lodging on the Gold Coast, it is currently perceived they are probably going to be allowed just a few hours out of their lodgings every day for preparing.

“There is some possibility of chances the team will be obliged to stay in a type of ‘bubble’ all through the tour to keep away from safe in moving between states. Families, in meantime in any case be needed to go through a ‘hard’ isolation period including 14 days in a lodging,”.