Fans angry with the behaviour of Hardik Pandya – See what he did in a public gathering !

Hardik Pandya has made it a habit to stay involved in some sort of controversy and the Indian all-rounder has done it again. A viral video in which Hardik Pandya can be seen treating a fan badly has been going around everywhere on the internet and many are twisting it to frame Hardik Pandya and ruin his image. Let us see what exactly happened.

Hardik Pandya was spotted at a public place and as expected fans went up to him to click selfies. The star was cooperating nicely and was happily clicking pictures with his fans until a fan kept his hand on the player’s shoulder. Hardik immediately removed his hand from his shoulders but then acted normally and kept on clicking selfies as if nothing happened.

The video went viral and netizens are bashing Hardik Pandya for rudely treating his fans. However a majority of fans on social media are also in support of the Indian cricketer. They have presented the argument that it is important for fans to maintain boundaries with their favourite stars as they are human beings as well and may not like getting touched by strangers as well – a fairly logical argument.

The internet is now divided in this argument. What do you think? Is Hardik Pandya guilty or innocent? See the video and decide for yourself.