IPL 2022 – Gujarat Titans Are Difficult To Stop

Former English cricketer Kevin Pietersen picked the strongest IPL team in his opinion, in his Betway column. He believes Gujarat Titans have a very high chance of lifting the trophy and are difficult to stop. Pietersen hails their consistency and ability to win matches from even bad positions. Gujarat Totanas have come to their first IPL season with a winning mentality. And when one carries that sort of attitude, it gets difficult for the opposition. Pietersen adds that they didn’t expect Gujarat to lead their campaign in a way they’re doing when he initially saw the squad they’ve picked. Gujarat became the first team to qualify for the playoffs this season.

Kevin Pietersen had a comparison to make for GT which would make them proud. He drew comparisons between the 2008 Rajasthan Royals who won the maiden IPL trophy. The Shane Warne-led side went on to win although they weren’t one of the strongest squads on paper. However, having a firm mentality helped them win the title. The way Gujarat has been winning, the dressing room would have positive energy. And when things are going well, there’s not a lot of stress, not a lot of changes or experiments to go for. It even gives the players the chance to express themselves in a better way.

This has made GT in a position where they don’t look inhibited, they’re just going with the flow. And it has been working for them so far. In addition, Kevin Pietersen talked about how buying Rashid Khan over the line from SRH has worked well for Gujarat Titans. He came with a positive attitude and has contributed immensely to the team.

Picking his top 3 favorite teams for winning the IPL 2022, he named Rajasthan Royals and Delhi Capitals. Delhi has an experienced side which can help them get in the top 4.

KKR is in a dreadful way

Being present at the venues gives Kevin a deeper insight into where are the teams going wrong. He mentions that Mumbai Indians are clearly struggling. However, seeing KKR crumble against DC, he mentions that KKR is they’ve used a lot of players and are going in a dreadful way. They’ll be having a very negative environment in the dressing room since they’ve been losing continuously after winning the first 3 out of 4 games. Last year, KKR went on to play the finals but was defeated by Chennai Super Kings. Pietersen calls it out-of-the-box thinking where KKR analyst Nathan Leamon was sending signals on the field. This year they look out of momentum. Pietersen’s biggest disappointments this season are Kolkata knight Riders and Mumbai Indians.

Wrist spin is having a big say in this competition

Kevin Pietersen is one among the former cricketers who give match previews before the IPL matches. He talks about how they’ve been praising the hard, bouncy wickets. And spinners love the bounce and it is one of their crucial weapons. Owing to the wicket, spinners are dominating the game. Kuldeep Yadav has been performing well and it is exciting to see two spinners being the leading wicket-takers. Former England player Pietersen emphaized on the fact that wrist spinners like Yuzvendra Chahal and Kuldeep Yadav are very difficult to play, given the conditions.

I wish Ben Stokes the best of luck

Ben Stokes and his family will be proud oh him getting the captaincy. Pietersen calls it an incredible honor. He calls himself a firm believer that the England team a more dynamic leadership group.In addition, he calls the cricket played recently poor and the results rubbish. The management and leadership needs a shake-up. Making sure the environment is right is another requirement. He believes Stokes has got the personality to lead the struggling English Test side. Pietersen says he’d love to see Graham Ford to coach the Test side, being an incredible manager and a very approachable individual. However, these changes would not change the fate of England altogether until better quality players come in. Until then, he wishes Ben Stokes luck.