Hilton Cartwright takes a sensational catch in the Marsh Cup Final

The Marsh Cup is a One-Day Cricket Cup played in Australia and this year’s final was played between Western Australia and New South Wales. While most of the cricket fans do not actually watch the Marsh Cup so much, a certain incident that took place in today’s final match turned many eyeballs and needs to be talked about.

West Australia’s 30-year old player Hilton Cartwright took an outrageous catch today in the final match that stunned everyone. NSW’s best player Moises Henriques was on strike and he played a sensible strike that was going for a boundary. However, Hilton Cartwright came from absolutely nowhere and took an insane dive to catch the ball. As a result, Henriques had to depart and it was a big turning point in the match. Western Australia ended up winning the match.

The commentator described the catch as “Oh, that’s as good as you want to see in the outfield, that. Tearing away to his left and a full dive and hits the deck hard and holds on to it. That’s just brilliant.”

WA Men’s captain Ashton Turner was asked “So have you seen a better catch?” by the reporter to which he replied, “No. That’s the best I’ve seen live. Absolutely stunned. Particularly when you’re at the moment in the game, the back end of a final to catch the opposition’s best player out is the difference between us winning and not winnings.”

Another Western Australia player Andrew Tye said, “Yeah, the game was balanced on a knife-edge there really. We knew that Mo was controlling the game from their point of view but we were elated and not surprised really. It’s just he’s a phenomenal fielder and he’s got reckless care for his body. He just throws his body at everything and it just turned the game and was a crucial wicket for our part.”