ICC Might Ban Afganistan From Playing Cricket For This Reason

Afghanistan are allowed to play in the T20 World Cup 2021 but if they play under the Taliban flag,they could be banned by ICC from the T-20 World Cup.

The Afghanistan men’s cricket team status under the standard of Taliban stays unclear.

However Afghanistan should include in the T20 World Cup 2021, under which flag will they play still unclear.

On the off chance that Afghanistan play under the Taliban flag they could be banned from taking an part in competition of the T20 World Cup

Afghanistan cricket stays in a province of chaos.The Taliban’s take over of the country’s political range has changed the standpoint of the country.Though the country’s men’s cricket team has been permitted to continue cricketing commitments,the character of the team is as yet under question. With the T20 World Cup 2021 not exactly a month away, it stays not yet clear whether the country’s men’s group will be permitted to take an interest under the flag of Afghanistan. For a situation where the team is made to take an interest under the Taliban flag, the repercussions could be big blow.

It isn’t yet realized how the Taliban sees Afghanistan’s interest in the T20 World Cup 2021. Yet, the arrangement of Naseeb Zadran Khan instead of Hamid Shinwari hints towards the Taliban’s purpose towards getting itself featured on the worldwide circuit.

According to the conventions, every one of the participating countries in the T20 World Cup should present the flag under which they will be taking part. Normally, this interaction doesn’t involve banter however for Afghanistan’s situation, it is. Should Afghanistan present the Taliban’s Flag for the big T-20 occasion, the Worldwide Cricket Gathering would be feeling the squeeze to clear its position over the circumstance in the Asian country.

According to a report in the Message UK, ICC may not simply ban Afghanistan from taking part into the T20 World Cup however they could also been throw out of participation.

Afghanistan qualified directly for the finals of the T20 World Cup 2021 and are put in Gathering 2 close by India, Pakistan and New Zealand. They will be joined by two additional team from the qualifiers that will start from October 17.

The Afghans are likewise under tension over the current status of their ladies’ womens team. As indicated by the ICC rules, full teams should have a women’s team. The Afghanistan Cricket Board was to dispatch their woman’s’ group this year yet the plans got a colossal mishap with the Taliban’s invasion into the country.

Recently, the ICC had conceded being worried about ladies’ cricket in Afghanistan. Australia has even taken steps to drop its notable Test against Afghanistan’s men’s group if the country doesn’t advance ladies’ cricket like other part countries.

Afghanistan, as of now, gets $5 million every year in financing from the ICC as a full member.If 12 of the 17 board individuals chose to suspend Afghanistan’s participation over the present status of undertakings, the board would be compelled to do as such.