IPL 2022 jerseys for all 10 franchises Ranked

In a recent online survey, fans gave their opinions on the jerseys of all the IPL franchises for IPL 2022. In this article, we shall be ranking down all the jerseys based on their popularity with the worst jersey placed at No.10 and the best jersey placed at No.1. 

10. Rajasthan Royals – Rajasthan Royals have made a pink checked jersey with dark blue sleeves and has the logo of their sponsors Happilo in front of their jerseys. Fans have said that Rajasthan’s jersey is the worst this season and it does not match with their previous jerseys at all. Some have even said that their jersey looks like a bubblegum wrapper. 

9. Sunrisers Hyderabad – Sunrisers Hyderabad has a very plain jersey for IPL 2022. It is orange with black sleeves but there are no checks or design of any sort. Their sponsors are Cars 24 and it is a good looking logo. 

8. Punjab Kings – Punjab have made zero to no changes in their jersey for IPL 2022 and fans will not be able to spot any difference. Their previous sponsors ExbiCash continue this year as well. 

7. Lucknow Super Giants – Lucknow Super Giants have designed one of the most unique jerseys in IPL 2022 with a green colour hue which has never been used in an IPL jersey before. It has been designed by Kunal Rawal. 

6. Chennai Super Kings – CSK’s jersey for IPL 2022 is also very clean. It is a clear yellow with a retro CSK design and fans have loved the jersey overall. 

5. Mumbai Indians – Mumbai Indians were one of the first franchises to reveal their jersey this season and their jersey too does not have many changes other than the change in their main sponsors. MI’s main sponsor this season is Slice. 

4. Delhi Capitals – Delhi Capitals have one of the best jerseys in IPL 2022 and it is my personal favourite. Their jersey matches perfectly with their logo and it has a blue and yellow gradient which looks very cool. 

3. Kolkata Knight Riders – Kolkata Knight Riders have made a significant upgrade on their jersey this season and it looks awesome. The design is the main thing that has been changed and the colours have remained the same. KKR’s main sponsors are Winzo. 

2. Gujarat Titans – Gujarat Titans have one of the dopest jerseys in IPL 2022 and their colours scope is terrific. Hardik Pandya was first seen wearing this jersey in the Press conference and fans have loved it. 

1. Royal Challengers Bangalore – By far RCB have the coolest jersey in IPL 2022. Their red and black jersey is simply awesome and the design is very good as well. But then again, RCB never really had a bad jersey, to begin with.