“It’s all hoax !”: Sunil Gavaskar opines on the rift between Kohli and Rohit

Ever since Rohit Sharma has been handed the ODI captaincy by BCCI, the rumors of an alleged rift between him and Indian test captain Virat Kohli have spread like wildfire.

People started taking it seriously when some former cricketers and cricket analysts started presenting their opinions regarding the whole incident and former Indian captain Mohammad Azharuddin was one of the first to open up. Union sports minister Anurag Thakur has also openly taken a dig at Virat Kohli for his ‘immature’ behavior in his latest statement and he was just one of many such well known figures to criticize either of the players.

However, Indian cricket legend Sunil Gavaskar has a different theory about the entire situation. He thinks that all this is made up by the media just for footage and none of it is the actual reality.

Gavaskar pointed out that both the players are absolute jewels of the Indian cricket fraternity and their contribution to the nation is unputdownable. Thus, we must atleast respect them by stop with these hoax news.

“The question is, ‘is there anything simmering at all (between Kohli and Rohit)?’. Unless both the players come out with something, we should not jump to conclusions. Yes, Azharuddin has said something but if he has got some inside information about what has happened then he should be coming out and telling us what happened,” Gavaskar said to India Today.

“Till then, I will give the benefit of the doubt to both the players. Because both have served Indian cricket brilliantly and I don’t think it is fair at all for any one of us, without having exact information, to be pointing fingers at either of them.”

However, Sunil Gavaskar also opened that Virat Kohli’s decision to give up on the T20 Captaincy was what ultimately led to this situation as it had upset the BCCI.

Speaking about his analogy the veteran said “I think I also saw the release (by Kohli) because it was in the public domain,” he said. “I think you know the way it was put across, it might have upset the ones in power. If I remember correctly it said – `I will continue to lead India in Test and ODIs.’”

“I think that line could have been changed to – ‘I would be available to lead India in Test and ODIs.’”