Kapil Dev is not happy with Virat Kohli !

The shameful defeat that team India suffered against New Zealand last night is simply unfathomable. It is ofcourse a great shock for the entire nation that a team with so much potential and calibre has been eliminated from the T20 World Cup from the group stage itself. Team India captain Virat Kohli was himself very dejected after last night’s defeat and he made some pretty explosive statements about the team in the Post-match presentation that did not go down well with the cricket enthusiasts. Former Team India captain Kapil Dev has now responded to Kohli’s words as well and he is not happy with what the skipper has said.

Let us first take a look at what Virat Kohli had said in last night’s post-match ceremony.

“I don’t think we were brave enough with bat or ball. We were not brave enough with our body language,” Kohli had said at the post-match presentation ceremony.

“We didn’t have much to defend but we weren’t brave when we walked out to field.”

“When you play for the Indian cricket team you have a lot of expectations — not just from fans, but players as well.

“So there’s always going to be more pressure with our games and we’ve embraced it over the years. Everyone who plays for India has to embrace it. And when you cope together as a team you overcome it and we haven’t done it these two games.

“Just because you’re the Indian team and there are expectations doesn’t mean you start playing differently. I think we’re fine, there’s a lot of cricket left to play,” Kohli added, referring to the three remaining group games that the team must win to stay in contention.”

However, Kapil Dev thinks that this is a very weak statement and that Virat Kohli should have used some better words while describing India’s performance.

“Obviously, it’s a very weak statement from a player of Virat Kohli’s stature. We all know that he has the hunger and desire to win games for the team. But, if the body language of the team and thought process of the captain is not up to the mark, it’s very difficult to lift the mood of the players inside the dressing room,” Kapil Dev said.