Kevin Pietersen says not Kohli, Rohit or Babar but THIS player is the Best T20 Batsman in the World!

T20 cricket is the most dynamic format of cricket right now and in days to come, it will perhaps also be the most popular format of the game. The viewership and fanbase of all the domestic franchise T20 cricket leagues and the T20 World Cup speaks for itself and it is undoubtedly one going to be the future of Modern-day cricket. However not every player is capable of playing equally well in every format and there are some cricketers who are specialists in T20 Cricket.

While players like Hardik Pandya and Chris Gayle are called T20 specialists, there are also some cricketers who play well across all formats and Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma and Babar Azam fall under this category. These three players are widely regarded as the 3 top batters in the world right now but in a recent interview, Kevin Pietersen has said that not Rohit, Kohli or Babar but another batsman from his own country England is the best T20 batsman in the world right now. 

The player we are talking about is none other than Jos Buttler who has been in an incredible form lately. Jos Buttler is undoubtedly one of the best if not the best T20 batsmen in the world right now and he keeps on proving it time and again. In the Indian Premier League 2022, he has been by far the best batsman. He is the highest scorer in the IPL 2022 right now and it seems like he will be sweeping away the Orange cap Award with ease. 

Not only that but Jos Buttler has also scored as many as 3 centuries in the IPL already with only 7 matches played and he will probably break the record of Virat Kohli this season with ease. 

Talking on a show, Kevin Pietersen said, “He’s the best T20 batter in the world at the moment, by a mile. His array of shots and his execution of shots is unmatched, but I also love his calmness and his presence of mind in the middle. KL Rahul is another who has those skills. That’s what sets these guys apart. They are very calm and very calculated, and then have phenomenal shot-making and ball-striking ability.”