Kieron Pollard throws the ball at Nicholas Pooran who tried to play a Switch-hit

The Trinidad T10 Blast is currently ongoing and several West Indies star cricketers like Kieron Pollard, Nicholas Pooran and Evin Lewis are taking an active part in it. Kieron Pollard, who plays for Scarlet Ibis Scorchers and Nicholas Pooran who plays for Leatherback Giants came face to face against each other in a recent match and the national teammates got into a friendly battle during the match.

We all know that Kieron Pollard is very hot-headed and fun-loving at the same time. Also, when some player from the opposition team plays very well, we see him often losing his cool. Well, we saw something similar in the match between Scarlet Ibis Scorchers and Leatherback Giants.

However, it was rather funny that and a heated faceoff. Nicholas Pooran has already scored his century and Kieron Pollard was obviously angry about it. When Pollard was bowling against Nicholas Pooran, in one particular instance the batsman got ready for a switch hit much before Pollard had even released the ball. So Kieron Pollard stopped midway and looked at Pooran. He then threw the ball at Pooran and both the players started laughing at each other.

However, Pollard did not stop there and extended the hilarious stint. A couple of deliveries later, Nicholas Pooran was at the non-strikers’ end and Kieron Pollard tried to Mankad him.

Kieron Pollard is currently the captain of the West Indies Senior cricket team while Nicholas Pooran is the Vice Captain. The chemistry between the two players is incredible and it was visible on the pitch during that match.

Kieron Pollard has been retained by Mumbai Indians for IPL 2022 and Nicholas Pooran has been bought by Sunrisers Hyderabad as their main wicket-keeper. Thus the two players are set to face each other in the IPL too and it will be a really fun encounter to watch.