Kumar Sangakkara Talks about Suresh Raina going unsold in IPL 2022

When it comes to IPL cricket, Suresh Raina is an absolute legend. Even a few years earlier, he was one of the highest Run-scorers in the IPL history until the record was broken by none other than Royal Challengers Bangalore’s Virat Kohli. However, to date, Suresh Raina is called Mr IPL simply because his contribution in taking CSK and the league to the heights it is currently in, is unquestionable.

However, he is 35 years old and ever since he was dropped from the Indian national team, he has kind of stayed aloof from the Indian Cricket scenario and thus he became kind of lost. Rumour has it that he is currently focusing on his foundation to help the people in need and on his restaurant and many other businesses. Whatever be the case, he has lost touch of the sport and it just cannot be the case that you will only play cricket 2 months a year in IPL and then vanish entirely.

Given the intense competition in cricket currently, you have to keep up with the youngsters and fight for your spot in the team. Raina was not able to do so and thus he lost his place in the CSK team. As a result, he sadly went unsold this season in IPL.

Rajasthan Royals coach Kumar Sangakkara has now opened up on Suresh Raina going unsold and he has said that Raina going unsold does not make him any less of a legend.

Sanga said, “In the case of Suresh Raina, his reputation is unbelievable in IPL cricket. He has been an absolute legend, one of the best and top-most performers season after season. When you go into granular detail, perhaps the player is not suited for that season.”

“It takes nothing away from the player being one of the best, or the player being of absolutely high quality and it is something that analysts, coaches, and owners look for”

“There are different ways to look at it. As the years go by, players change and reputations are also made new by younger players,” he concluded.