Laziest Run out ever ! This dismissal of Shoaib Malik is so Hilarious

Pakistani cricketers have totally made it a habit to self-troll themselves by doing something completely stupid during the match. It sometimes leads them to be trolled even in the matches in which they perform well, which can be explained by Babar Azam’s captaincy in the T20 World Cup match against Afghanistan. After portraying excellent captaincy for the entirety of the match, Babar Azam messed up one particular review and that led to him being trolled heavily on social media. Well something worse happened today with Shoaib Malik.

You all must be well aware that Pakistan and Bangladesh are currently squaring off against each other in a T20 series and the two sides played their first T20I today. During that match, at a particular moment, Pakistan batsman Shoaib Malik made a comedy of errors for which he is being heavily trolled now.

Shoaib Malik was on strike when the incident occurred. A loosely played shot from him went behind towards Wicket-keeper Nurul Hasan. However, Shoaib Malik was in a zone of his own and he was not at all cautious of his whereabouts. Nurul Hasan was cunning enough to notice it. In the blink of an eye, he threw the ball at the wicket and shocked Shoaib Malik. On being checked by the TV umpire, it was observed that Shoaib Malik’s bat was in the air and thus he had to depart. Fans are now calling it the laziest runout ever !