LSG Admin makes an Unprofessional comment about RCB – Fans are furious after seeing it

While Royal Challengers Bangalore and Lucknow Super Giants were busy playing one of the most intense matches of IPL 2022 last night at the DY Patil Stadium, the fans of the two teams were busy waging a war of words on social media. There was a huge tussle between the two sides and after the admin of Lucknow Super Giants Instagram page got involved in the exchange of words, the war of words transformed into a controversy with the LSG admin at the centre of it.

So what exactly happened? The incident started when a particular fan of Royal Challengers Bangalore commented on a post of LSG’s Instagram page and it was totally a tasteless remark. “Tera Baap hai RCB” said the fan to which the LSG admin replied, “Baap Re, 2 wickets already gaye. Ab kya karoge Saahab.”

Well the reply by the LSG admin came back to bite him as by the end of the match, Royal Challengers Bangalore emerged victorious.

However that was not the end of it and LSG went on to call RCB ‘Beta’ in one of their tweets. This caught the attention of former Indian player Dodda Ganeshan. He strongly refuted this childish act and the tweet was later defeated.

“Friendly banters are always welcome in cricket. But trolling is not done. A new team calling a team which’s been part of IPL since 2008, Beta, is not banter. Kindly make amends, @LucknowIPL”