Nabi shuts down a journalist on being asked about Taliban Rule !

Afghanistan skipper Mohammad Nabi fumes at a journalist who tried to ask him questions regarding the country’s current political situation with Pakistan.

After the recent Taliban takeover on Afghanistan, questions have been fuming towards the Afghani players on the recent change of government. One such incident happened on Friday during the post-match conference in a Super 12 game between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

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Afghanistan lost to Pakistan by 5 wickets after coming so close to winning the match. Asif Ali smashed 4 sixes in the penultimate over of the game and sealed the deal for Pakistan. It looked like Afghanistan have snatched the game from Pakistan when they needed to defend 24 runs in 12 balls with Shadab Khan and Asif Ali in the crease.

During the post-match conference, Mohammad Nabi lost his cool when a journalist asked him a non-cricketing question. The journalist asked Nabi if there was pressure amongst the players after the recent change in the country’s government.

The journalist kept on asking similar type of questions. The journalist even asked that whether the Afghanistan cricket team fears being questioned by the Taliban officials on their performances after they return back home.

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“Afghanistan have played very well and they have won two matches. Is there any kind of fear that when you return home, you will be questioned as the government and situation have changed?” the reporter asked Nabi.

“In this new era, Afghanistan share a healthy relation with Pakistan. Do you feel that the Afghan team will be strengthened because of this?” he added another follow-up question.

Nabi was clearly not impressed and responded – “Can we talk about cricket leaving aside the situation? It would be better if we talk about cricket. We are here for the World Cup after taking proper preparations. You may ask any questions related to cricket.”

WATCH this video below:

The moderator of the press conference had to intervene and ask the journalist to ask cricketing questions to the players. The journalist iterated that it was a cricketing question while Nabi clearly denied it. The press conference was then soon shut down.

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