MS Dhoni drops a bombshell ahead of IPL 2022: Not sure if he will play !

Chennai Super Kings have just won their fourth IPL title a month ago and they are currently in the mood to rejoice. The roadshow to celebrate their victory will be conducted very soon and amid such a good mood among the fans, their captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni has left everyone shocked with a statement that he made in his recent interview and you need to listen to this.

We are pretty familiar with MS Dhoni’s ‘Definitely not’. It was what he said to a commentator when he was asked whether the 2020-21 season would be his last as CSK’s captain. CSK had been poor that entire season and for the first time ever they had failed to qualify for the T20 playoffs and thus people had started to question the methods of the former Indian captain. Dhoni had debunked the notion that he would stop playing back then and he did something familiar after winning the 2021 IPL trophy as well.

Harsha Bhogle, during the post match ceremony of the final match, was praising MS Dhoni and lamenting the fact that his career was nearing its end. At that time, Dhoni had said , “But i haven’t left behind” with a smile on his face which ensured the fans that their Thala will be surely staying for another season at least.

However, things have seemingly changed since then. In a recent interview, MS Dhoni said, “I will think about participation in IPL 2022. It’s just November now, the IPL will be played in April.”

This has shocked the CSK fans to the very core as it indicates that MS Dhoni might not play another season in the IPL !