MS Dhoni is selling 500 litre milk everyday at his farm house! Know the price of 1 litre of milk

Besides being a terrific Cricketer, former Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni has recently proven that he is a brilliant businessman as well. In his recent stay at his Farm house in Ranchi, the wicket-keeper batsman is said to have indulged in selling milk and the fans are loving his simplicity.

It is being reported that MS Dhoni supplies a daily amount of 500 litres of milk during his stay at his Farm house, which is a heck load of amount for any farm. MS Dhoni is said to have over 150 different breeds of cows in his farm and he is well versed about how to maximise the milk produced by utilizing his resources to the fullest. The milk from MS Dhoni’s house is being circulated to 3 large dairies of Ranchi and keeping the COVID-19 protocols in mind, home delivery is also being done.

As expected, the former Indian captain provides the purest quality of milk to his customers and there are 3 different categories based on their taste and the cow breed that produces it. They are priced at Rs 55, 90 and 120 per litre respectively.

Pictures and videos of MS Dhoni’s farm often goes viral on social media. He recently gifted his daughter Jiva Dhoni with a little pony. He was even seen racing with his favorite Horse in a video that was posted by his wife Sakshi Dhoni.

MS Dhoni’s farming skills have also not gone unnoticed. In a picture that went viral recently, the CSK skipper could be seen riding a tractor which is a famous and widely used vehicle used in farms. In one of his Instagram videos, MS Dhoni was also spotted eating a strawberry straight from the field in his farm. The video has over 5 million views on Instagram.