Pakistan journalist says PSL is better than IPL – Robin Uthappa gives a savage reply

T20 is undoubtedly the most famous Cricket format right now and a lot of its credit goes to the Indian Premier League. Ever since the foundation of the tournament in 2008, Indian Cricket and T20 Cricket, in general, has seen a meteoric rise. Seeing the success of the IPL, many countries have come up with similar leagues but unfortunately, none of them is as big as the Indian Premier League. However, the Pakistan Super League, which was founded in the year 2016 has seen exponential growth in the last 6 years and some say it has the potential to be as big as IPL soon enough.

On this very topic, there was a big debate on Twitter recently and it was started by a Pakistani journalist who said that IPL and PSL should not even be compared as PSL is way clearer and has a much better display of cricket. This divided the social media in opinions and some cricketers including former Indian player and current CSK star Robin Uthappa commenting on the issue.

The Pakistan journalist who works at the famous Pakistan channel Geo News named Arfa Feroz Zake tweeted: “No comparison between PSL and IPL! PSL started in 2016 while IPL inaugurated in 2008. However one has to admit PSL gained worldwide popularity quicker in an era when other boards had introduced their leagues too whereas there was no competitor in the market when IPL was born”

To this, Robin Uthappa replied from his official twitter handle by saying, “IPL created the market”. It was a one liner mic drop from the Indian batsman and fans loved the savageness of his reply.