Pakistani fan asks Jimmy Neesham why he doesn’t play in PSL – Neesham gives a savage reply

Lately, the debate as to which of the two domestic T20 leagues is better, IPL or PSL has grown massively. Fans of both countries are busy settling the debate. We know that there is an immense rivalry between India and Pakistan for every topic and this is yet another similar example. Very recently, a Pakistani journalist stated that PSL is much better than IPL in every aspect.

IPL has formed about 15 years ago but PSL, which was formed just about 7-8 years ago has already grown almost to the level of the Indian Premier League. To this, Indian cricketer Robin Uthappa replied that IPL gave the platform to the other T20 leagues in the world and opened up the market for every country. This is where things got heated up.

Now, a tweet of a Pakistani fan accusing New Zealand player Jimmy Neesham of not playing in the Pakistan Super League has also resurfaced and gone viral on the Internet. Jimmy Neesham plays in the IPL but not in the PSL. He was bought by Rajasthan Royals for a price of 1.5 Crores in the IPL 2022 Auction as well. Now, the fan has said that just because IPL provides much more money than PSL, Neesham does not play in Pakistan Super League and he also accused that he only plays for money.

“You Are Playing IPl But Not PSL why ? ipl gives you more money & fame thats why you are not playing PSL very Sad,” the guy said.

James Neesham is very active on twitter and he also has a great sense of humour. He himself quote retweeted this tweet by the fan and wrote, “Or because PSL is in the middle of our home summer?”

Fans have loved Neesham’s witty reply.