Pakistani TV actress proposes James Neesham – Neesham gives a savage reply

New Zealand cricketer Jimmy Neesham is very well known for his witty humour and savage opinions on Twitter. He is very active on social media and especially Twitter and he does not let any random person troll him. In fact, he makes sure that he personally replies to his trolls and destroys them in the public eye. However, in the year 2019, the most unexpected thing happened to him on Twitter.

On August 28 2019, a Pakistani TV actress replied to a tweet of James Neesham and said that she loved him. She also offered the New Zealand batsman to be the father of his kids! It sounds so damn shocking but the cricketer handled the situation very calmly. He did reply to the tweet but it was like nothing the fans were expecting. He did not talk about the content of the tweet but rather the emojis used.

“Jimmy would you like to be daddy of my future kids 😉😜” the Pakistani TV actress had tweeted. To this, Jimmy Neesham replied, “I really feel like the emojis were unnecessary”

So obviously, the fans started replying him ‘So the rest of the statement was right’, but Jimmy Neesham did not make any comments after that and neither did that Pakistani TV actress.

Jimmy Neesham has been bought by IPL franchise Rajasthan Royals in IPL 2022 for 1.5 Crores and he will thus be serving them this season. He has great potential and can play big hits. If given a chance, he can prove to be a great asset for Rajasthan in IPL 2022.