Ravi Shastri posts 3 hilarious tweets: Fans think his account is hacked or he is drunk

On May 20 morning, Former Indian cricketer, Ravi Shastri, who played in the 1983 world cup, team member of India’s first world Cup winning team, recently found posting 3 random tweets on his official twitter account. 

All three tweets were uploaded with a picture of the former Indian coach while partying. The random 1-line captions on the tweets made the scenario entertaining and confusing for the fans.

1st tweet: “‘Good mornings’ are optional if you haven’t slept at all.”

2nd tweet: “My family lives in Mumbai and I live in the moment.”

3rd tweet: “You’re in her DMs. She’s on my VIP guestlist.”

Several Twitter users are trying to find out the reason behind these tweets. Some users are claiming Ravi Shastri’s account is hacked while others believe that the tweets are part of a paid advertisement campaign. Social media and Twitter are now flooded with hilarious responses and memes from fans.

Ravi Shastri, The former Indian all-rounder was team India’s coach for 4-5 years. He was in the coaching position for World Cup 2019, and World Test Championship 2019-21. He was also part of the famous wins in Australia 2018-19.

He enabled the national team to win the Australia 2020-21 test series and the recently concluded England 2021 series. The former indian cricketer recently stepped down as the coach of the Indian team. (After the T20 World Cup 2021)