Rishabh Pant hilariously trolls Ricky Ponting on Instagram

Rishabh Pant has always been one of the funniest cricketers in the Indian Cricket contingent and he loves to joke around with friends and his colleagues. We often see him writing funny colleagues on the Instagram posts of other cricketers and we saw exactly that today when a very old comment on Rishabh Pant on one of the posts of Ricky Ponting resurfaced on the internet today. The comment is almost a year old now but the hilarious effect that it has on the audience is still intact.

About a year ago, Ricky Ponting had posted a pic of his daughter on his Instagram on the occasion of her birthday and he wrote the caption, “I can’t believe I’m the father of a teenager, happy birthday to our beautiful girl.” Wrote Ponting in the caption of the post.

Well Rishabh Pant was quick to respond to the post and he wrote in the comments section: “We can believe rick coz you are getting old hahaha not a youngster anymore and happy birthday” The comment got crazily viral and it got too many likes.

Rishabh Pant and Ricky Ponting are both members of the Delhi Capitals. Rishabh Pant is the captain of the franchise while Ricky Ponting is their head coach. Thus the relationship between the two is very good and Pant often pulls off these jokes against him. One Rishabh Pant photobombed his head coach and that photo is one of the most viral Cricket memes as of now.