Sanju Samson files a complaint against RR’s Social media Team after inappropriate tweet

The Rajasthan Royals admin is pretty well known for his witty remarks and funny jokes that he posts on RR’s official Twitter page. Fans usually like it and he often makes some jokes about the team members as well but something that he did today was totally below the belt and the player he joked about, did not like it at all. As a result, the RR admin is now under big trouble and he might as well get fired.

The player that we are talking about is none other than RR captain Sanju Samson. Samson is known to be a reserved person and although he does not hate fun or jokes, the thing that the Rajasthan Royals admin did today would not be liked by most of the players.

The RR admin posted an edited pic of Sanju Samson today where he made him a girl and posted on their Twitter page with the caption: “Kya khoob lagte ho”

This was not at all a comment that a social media manager should make to the captain of the team and it was totally inappropriate. So Sanju Samson retweeted it and wrote “Its ok for friends to do all this but teams should be professional…@rajasthanroyals”

Soon after that, the tweet was deleted and it is now being said that Samson has filed an official complaint to the RR management against their social media team.

The RR admin had joked about Sanju Samson previously also but back then, Samson had taken it sportingly and either not replied at all or replied with a humour tweet. However, it was unbearable this time and thus Samson decided to take actions.

The fans have supported Samson in this and they are also criticising the RR admin for his cringe joke. It is very sure that the admin will meet some big consequences.