Sara Tendulkar gives a savage reply to Troll who criticised her for wasting Father’s money

Sara Tendulkar is undoubted the most famous among all the kids of popular Cricketers. Sara, who is the daughter of Sachin Tendulkar, was first seen by fans when she came to see the matches of her father with her family at a very young age and fans started adoring her ever since. However, she is all grown up now and is 24 years old now. She is very pretty and many cricket fans have a major crush on her.

Recently, there were rumours of her dating Indian cricket star Shubman Gill but those rumours were all but quashed a few months earlier when she posted a few pictures with some other guy. After the rumours of her dating Shubman Gill, the alleged couple were trending all over internet for many days but even after those rumours were debunked, there are lots of couple jokes going on in the internet regarding the two.

However, now Sara Tendulkar has been involved in another viral incident. This time it was a troll who posted a hate comment on Sara’s latest Instagram story.

‘Nepotism’ is a hot topic that has been going on in India for quite some time now. It literally means the practice of influential people using their powers to give their descendants an unfair advantage over others in any field. However, this is being used disproportionally now and many people are being very irrational about this. That is what occurred in Sara’s case as well.

Sara Tendulkar had posted an Instagram story where she was holding a cup of coffee. A woman replied to that story by saying “Wasting father’s money”. Now, this is completely none of anyone’s business because why can’t a kid use her money (be it her father’s or herself’s) to buy a simple cup of coffee? Sara Tendulkar gave her the perfect reply.

She screenshotted the chat and put it in her story by replying, “Ummm…Any money spent on caffeine is money well spent, not wasted LOL (whoever’s it may be)”