Shardul Thakur trolls Yuzvendra Chahal with an Instagram Story

Yuzvendra Chahal has been pretty well known in the world of cricket ever since his debut due to his hilarious acts and jokes in between the matches and also off the pitch on his social media accounts. He is the ‘funny guy’ in the current Indian team and that is a universally accepted fact. From that Martin Guptill incident to commenting on the Live chats of almost all the celebrities, Yuzvendra Chahal has done it all. 

Chahal is also famous for making dance and reels on his Instagram account alongside his wife Dhanashree Verma Chahal who is a doctor and a choreographer. Almost a year ago, Chahal saw the lowest point in his career when Rahul Chahar was chosen over him in India’s squad for the 2021 T20 World Cup but ever since then he has made a great comeback. In all of the series that he played after the World Cup, he has been simply phenomenal and he has once again cemented his place in India’s limited-overs playing XI. 

Due to his recent performances, Yuzvendra Chahal has was also in the IPL 2022 Mega Auction by Rajasthan Royals for a high price of 6.50 Crores. This will be the 3rd IPL franchise that Rajasthan Royals played for. He has previously played for Mumbai Indians and Royal Challengers Bangalore and he made most of his name with the Challengers. 

Meanwhile, Yuzvendra Chahal’s teammate from the Indian Senior Team, Shardul Thakur, has trolled him through an Instagram story. Months ago, a picture of Chahal laying down beside the boundary line during the match wearing sunglasses had gone viral. Now, the player has re-done the posture and Shardul Thakur shared a pic of the same on his Instagram account with the caption “Comes to him naturally”. 

Shardul Thakur’s Story

Shardul Thakur has been bought by Delhi Capitals for IPL 2022 and he and Yuzvendra Chahal will face each other on 22nd April, 2022.