Shocking: Ross Taylor set to play for this nation in T20WC after being denied a spot in NZ team

It is not unknown that Ross Taylor has always been a player with a different caliber . Recently the news has surfaced that key players like Ross Taylor will not be included in the New Zealand team. And Ross Taylor is now going to associate himself with another team. Friends, in the world of cricket, we keep getting to know new news every day.

Knowing whom we get to know a lot about the cricket world. And the viewers are very happy to know these news. Let’s talk further, now about the history of Ross Taylor and what is the reason for his exclusion from the team? Actually, let us tell you that Ross Taylor has played his role in 102 T20 International matches and 108 Test matches and 223 ODI matches so far. And his batting can be clearly seen in most of the matches.

There are reports about him that he has lost the opportunity to join the New Zealand team. Now Ross Taylor will show his skills in the field by joining the Papua New Guinea team. And at the same time, his batting can also benefit the Papua New Guinea team a lot. Let us tell you that Ross Taylor was not included with the New Zealand team in the T20 World Cup. After which Taylor will now join the new team Papua New Guinea and enter the field. And complete with other teams. Let us tell you that Papua New Guinea team is going to play for the first time in this global tournament. And Ross Taylor has decided to become the mentor of this team.

Let us tell you that in the hosting of UAE and Oman, from October 17, this tournament will start from today itself. Let us tell you that Ross Taylor was last seen in a short format in 2020. In which Kiwi team hosted New Zealand. Let us tell you that this experience of Taylor can be very useful for PNG team. Let us tell you that Taylor has played 102 T20 matches so far in his career. But he could not play in T20 World Cup 2014 and 2016. And were left incomplete in making their place in the team.

Taylor then qualified for the PNG team in 2021. And made it to the top of his group in 2019. Let us tell you that the team led by Asad Wala will play their first match against Oman in Group B of PNG T20 World Cup. Even before the start of this tournament, the captain of the PNG team told us that it is really a matter of pride for me and all the players of my team.

We are getting a chance to play in the T20 World Cup after a long time. We have got opportunities many times before. And we could not join even after coming so close. But this time we have joined and are going to play the first match of the world. Speaking like this, the captain of the PNG team told us about his team. And Ross Taylor who is a very good batsman. How will he perform with this team? We will be able to tell this only after the match.