Star Indian player misses training session ahead of India vs Pak match

The India vs Pakistan match is set to be played at the Dubai International stadium tonight at 7:30 pm and all the arrangements have been made. Both the teams are ready and the strategies have been looked after. Team India, who are the undisputed favourites to win the match, had their last training session yesterday at Dubai but a very well known star cricketer, who is one of the core members of the current Playing XI, skipped the training session and this article we will be discussing about the same.

Well the player in concern is none other than Indian all rounder Hardik Pandya. Well he cannot be blamed much as it was afterall an optional training session and some players prefer to take break one day ahead of the match and Hardik Pandya is seemingly one of them.

But some fans were worried after hearing this as Hardik Pandya’s injury concerns are not totally over yet. He missed almost the entirety of last season of the Indian Premier league owing to an injury and an old back injury is restraining him from bowling, The fact that he missed the training under such circumstances has worried some fans as to whether he is alright.

Speaking in the pre-match conference, Virat Kohli had said that Hardik Pandya will be able to bowl a few overs for India at the later stage of the tournament but the date is uncertain.

During the pre-match presser, Virat said, “Well, I honestly feel that Hardik Pandya presently with his physical condition is getting better in terms of being prepared to bowl at least two overs for us at a certain stage in this tournament and we strongly believe we can make the most of the opportunity we have at our hand till the time he starts bowling. We have considered a couple of other options to chip in with overs so we are not bothered about that all.”

He further explained, “What he brings at number six for us is something that you cannot create overnight. Hence, I was always in favour of backing him as a batter in Australia purely and we saw what he did in the T20I series and how he can take the game away from the opposition. We understand the value he brings to the team as a number six batter and it is important to have such players who can play impact innings. For us, that is way more valuable than forcing him to do something that he cannot at the moment, he is motivated and he is keen to start giving us a couple of overs to us.”