These two cities will get new IPL teams ! Sanjiv Goenka and CVC Capitals make record breaking bids

In the most exciting news of the day, former Indian Premier League franchise Rising Pune Super Giants owner (which played in the tournament for a term of 2 seasons only), has won the fierce bidding at tonight’s auction for buying the new teams of IPL, which was being held at Dubai. He was the highest bidder out of the lot and was rivalled by no one else.The second highest bidders, CVC Capitals, was much behind him.

RPSG, Sanjiv Goenka’s company, placed the highest bid at 7000 Crores and thus won the Lucknow franchise. CVC Capitals on the other hand, who were second with a bid of 5200 Crores, won the Ahmedabad franchise. The official names of none of the teams have been announced yet and that will only be done after further detailed consideration and is a lengthy process.

However, this was not the scene early on in the day. From the very beginning of the auction, Manchester United owners, The Glazers family, were leading the rest with their bid. Adani group, one of India’s leading businesses, was second. However, things started to change when the auction was extended beyond it’s scheduled timing.

RPSG and CVC both entered the bidding war towards the very end of the auction and stole the show. Unfortunate for some fans who wanted to see Lucknow United play in the IPL as a co-brand of Manchester United !

BCCI had made the perfect prediction ahead of the auction. They had estimated that they will get around 3000-7000 Crore for each of the franchises. And that was what they got ! A very profitable day for BCCI indeed.