This is how Virat Kohli responded to Jasprit Bumrah’s comeback after injury

Jasprit Bumrah suffered a horrible injury yesterday while bowling on Day 3 of the ongoing first test between India and South Africa. The star Indian pacer twisted his ankle in a follow through nastily and took to ground instantly with agonizing pain. The medics had to enter the field to take him out and cater to the injured spot. Even in the dugout, Jasprit Bumrah’s face portrayed how much of a pain he was in. Shreyas Iyer was sent in as a replacement fielder during the period Bumrah stayed out of the field.

However, we all know the warrior that Jasprit Bumrah is and even though the injury was extremely horrible, he returned to the field after a little while as if nothing had happened. And captain Virat Kohli was quick to cheer him up. “Finally, the Rock has come back,” he said to Jasprit Bumrah when he returned to the field.

This is a reference to WWE superstar Dwayne Johnson who is famously known as the rock. He made a comeback to WWE in 2011 and on his return, these were the first words that he said to the crowd.

Many fans understood the reference and were impressed by the fact that Virat Kohli is a WWE fan as well.

Jasprit Bumrah is one of the best Indian bowlers as of now and Virat Kohli cheering him up on every possible occasion is understable. In fact, the skipper does it with all his teammates and tries to motivate them now and then.