Throwback to when Sarah Taylor and Ravindra Jadeja’s personal chat went viral

Sarah Taylor is one of England Women’s Cricket’s all-time best players and an absolute legend in the Sport. But she might not be one of the best when it comes to the latest technology. This was proven back in 2014 when she did not know how to use Twitter properly and thus she had to have chat with Indian all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja through public tweets which were read by all her fans.

The incident tends back to 2014. Neither Ravindra Jadeja nor Sarah Taylor knew how to use Twitter properly. At night, Ravindra Jadeja DM’d Sarah Taylor on Twitter but she was unable to respond to it as Jadeja had not followed her.

As a result, she gave Jadeja’s replies through tweets and the entire world saw it. Unfortunately, we could see only Sarah Taylor’s part of the chat as Jadeja was direct messaging her.

For most of the chat, Sarah Taylor was trying to explain to Ravindra Jadeja why she wasn’t able to message him directly and it was like too ‘not so techy’ people having a chat about technology.

Sarah also said that as she was tweeting directly, a lot of Indian fans were DMing her. She thus finally decided to stop talking in this way and asked Jadeja to meed by the poolside at 10 am.

The Indian cricket team had probably gone on a tour to England during then and this is when the conversation was being made. That is why Sarah Taylor asked him to meet by the pool.

8 years have past since then but even now the incident never gets old.