VIDEO: Henry Nicholls survives as the LED bails does not fall off after the ball hits the stumps

Henry Nicholls

Middle order batsmen Henry Nicholls survives as the LED bails did not fall when the ball hit the stumps.

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The strange incident took place in the penultimate ball of the 32nd over of the game when the ball went past the off stumps, slightly hitting it on the way. It was the third time Ashwin had beaten Nicholls in that over.

It looked like that the ball did not hit the stumps. But replays proved the on-field players wrong. The replays clearly showed that the ball kissed the top of off stump but the LED bails did not light up. The bails didn’t even come off after being hit by the leather.

The snickometer confirmed that the ball had hit the stumps. This isn’t the first time that the LED bails did not come off after being hit by the ball as it is heavier than the normal wooden bails.

WATCH the video below:

Earlier in the innings, Henry Nicholls survived an LBW off Umesh Yadav’s delivery. The bowler wasn’t too much interested in the call as he thought that the batsmen might have inside edged it before the ball hit the stumps. But again, the snickometer confirmed that there was no inside edge and it would have been three reds if Team India would have gone for a referral. The ball tracker showed that the ball would have gone to hit the leg stumps.

Nicholls was lucky in another instance off Jayant Yadav’s bowling when he stepped out to hit the ball. The bounce saved the batsmen as Saha fumbled to get hold off the ball. Although it wouldn’t have mattered much as Jayant Yadav overstepped.

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