VIDEO: IPL Kiss Cam! Cameraman spots couple Kissing during IPL match

The Kiss cam is a very common thing abroad but it has never been introduced in India as it supposedly is against our culture to do such things. However, times have changed and we saw an instance very similar to the kiss cam in the IPL 2022 during yesterday’s big matchup between Gujarat Titans and Delhi Capitals.

So what exactly happened? During the match, the cameraman suddenly pointed the camera toward a couple who were sitting in the stands and they were kissing during the live match. The entire incident was shot on camera and the video and picture of the same went viral all over social media in no time.

The fans did not delay even a bit to start making memes about the incident and we are embedding some of the best memes below.

Talking about the match between Gujarat Titans and Delhi Capitals, Gujarat ended up winning the match and thus they maintained their unbeaten streak in IPL 2022. They are now one of the 2 teams only to be still unbeaten in the Indian Premier League this season.

Gujarat Titans scored a decent total of 171 runs while batting first while Delhi Capitals scored 157 runs and fell short of just 14 runs. With this win, Gujarat Titans are currently seated on the 3rd position of the IPL points table and they would look to further better their record by winning their upcoming match against Punjab Kings.