VIDEO: Jarvo 2.0 Shows up in IND vs ENG 5th Test – Look what he did

Avid cricket fans, and particularly the fans of England and India will be very much aware of Jarvo. For the unknown, Jarvo is an English prankster who has a Youtube channel. He likes to pull off pranks in big events and he gets into all kinds of problems for that. In the India vs England series which started at the beginning of 2022, Jarvo showed in all of the 4 Test matches and he was also arrested by Police by the end of it. For his constant interruptions of the matches, Jarvo was also banned from Entering English stadiums forever.

One common and very popular trait of Jarvo was that he used to wear a jersey of the Indian National Test Team before intruding on the ground and that is what made him so famous.

Well, Jarvo could never make a 5th appearance in the Test series between India and England as after the 4th test, it was postponed indefinitely due to the rise of COVID-19 Cases in the Indian Contingent. The Indian Premier League 2022 had also a big role to play in it.

The 5th Test match is finally being played at the Edgbaston Cricket ground now and everyone expected to see Jarvo once again. Instead, we all got a glimpse of another man pulling off the same trick as Jarvo as he intruded the ground in a Team India jersey and he is being called Jarvo 2.0 by the fans. He was escorted out of the field by the guards immediately.