Video: Lockie Ferguson breaks Ambati Rayudu’s bat with a Speedy delivery

Lockie Ferguson is undoubtedly one of the most lethal Speedster’s in modern cricket. In the Indian Premier League, he is at the very top alongside Umran Malik in bowling fast deliveries and crossing the 150 KMPH mark is nothing for him and he does that for fun. Although if a batsman times his shots perfectly against these speedy deliveries he can play them well, if they mistime the shot and it hits the edges the bat might even break and that is exactly what happened last night with Ambati Rayudu.

The Chennai Super Kings player played phenomenally well last night and he missed his half century by just 4 runs. He was one of the best batsmen in the CSK squad last night and if he had stayed on the pitch for a little longer, he could have caused way more damage to Gujarat Titans.

It was in the 13th over that the incident took place. Lockie Ferguson bowled a decent delivery and Ambati Rayudu tried to play it in the offside. But the ball hit the lower right corner of his bat and a little corner piece of the bat broke out and fell away. Lockie Ferguson started smiling at Ambati Rayudu after the incident and the batsman had to change his bat.