VIDEO: Pitch intruder rides scooter in between a cricket match

Cricket has been known over the years for its hilarious incidents taking place on and off the field. Incidents involve some heated alterations whereas some are too funny. Some involve controversy with players while some heroics by the players. One such incident took place recently which became an instant hit as cricket fans are seemed to have enjoyed the same.

The incident involves a person riding a scooter was seen invading the field with no one to stop as everyone was enjoying the scene. The match got interrupted for few minutes as the hilarious person invades the pitch. Players and umpires stood still without doing anything.

The vedio got circulated in the internet and became a huge hit as people are enjoying watching it. The vedio was shared in the official Twitter page of Barmy Army. The incident happened in a club-level game involving Southampton University Cricket Club (SUCC).

Meanwhile, it is not the first time that a vehicle has been used to interrupt a cricket match. A similar incident happened in India, and that too during India’s premier First-Class tournament, Ranji Trophy. In a match involving Delhi and Uttar Pradesh, a man had driven his car into the pitch to meet some of the international Indian cricketers playing the game.