VIDEO: Ravi Ashwin and Umpire Nitin Menon involved in a heated debate

Ravichandran Ashwin

Ravichandran Ashwin was involved in a heated argument with on-field umpire on Day 3.

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During the third day of the first test at the Green Park Stadium in Kanpur, veteran spinner Ravi Ashwin had a small chat which turned out to be debate with umpire Nitin Menon. The umpire was having a bad day as most of his decisions turned out to be wrong.

Nitin Menon who is a very reputed umpire was having some issue with Ravi Ashwin’s follow through.

The incident took place when Ashwin was bowling to Kane Williamson. Ashwin was trying out a different angle as his normal one wasn’t working. He tried to cut across the stumps in his follow through, thereby blocking the vision of the umpire.

Nitin Menon called Ashwin several times and had a conversation with the off spinner. But Ashwin did not pay any heed to the umpire’s words. He continuously blocked the vision of the umpire while bowling.

Nitin Menon was then forced to call skipper Ajinkya Rahane to address the issue. Though Ashwin was not running in the danger area but he was blocking the vision of Nitin and therefore decisions like the LBW would become hard for him. Ashwin continued to argue that he is abiding the rules of the game. Replays showed that he was inches away from the danger zone and is legally allowed to continue bowl.

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WATCH this video below:

The whole conversation was heard on the stump mic.

Nitin: “You are obstructing my vision.”

Rahane: “He’s not running onto the danger area.”

Nitin: “I can’t make the LBW calls.”

Ashwin: “You are anyway not making any. That it is fine if you aren’t able to give a verdict, I will use DRS because this angle is helping me bowl better. It’s your problem, and not my problem.

Head Coach Rahul Dravid was also seen having a chat with match referee Javagal Srinath.

Nitin Menon also claimed that Ashwin’s follow through was blockading the path of the non-striker.

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