VIDEO : Rishabh Pant’s Hilarious Act During Qualifier-2

Rishabh Pant is without a doubt one of the most amazing with regards to on-field entertainer and having a great time during the game. The fans have seen his amusing side on the field commonly and they love the manner in which Pant continues on ahead; be it behind the stumps or while batting. His fun was seen by the fans as the in the qualifier 2 where Rishabh Pant feeling hilarious.

The second Qualifier of the Indian Premier League is live now and the fans are partaking in the challenge between Delhi Capitals and Kolkata Knight Riders. Both the teams would be chomping at the bit to dominate their rival to enter the renowned last against Chennai Super Kings. Indeed, even in the midst of all the strain and tension, the match saw Rishabh Pant feeling silly as he played a trick on umpire Anil Chaudhary.

Rishabh Pant feeling in comical mood

On top of things, Umpire Anil Chaudhary was holding a container of balls as Ashwin was really taking a look at them. Rishabh Pant fought against eminent loss the umpire and stimulated him on the right half of his midriff.

The umpire thought back, nonetheless, Pant rushed to come to his left side leaving Anil Chaudhary astonished regarding who contacted him. Later on, Pant let the umpire know that it was he who contacted him. The umpire chuckled as the watchers saw Rishabh Pant feeling funny.